San Diego 2023

One of my mentors was retiring from the Marine Corps and I couldn't miss it.

This trip meant a lot to me because I lived in San Diego for a few years when I was younger, and I really feel like I grew up there. I definitely became an adult there.

It felt good to ride around my old home. This was also Lombe's first time in San Diego so I was excited to show her why it's the best city in the world.

We stayed in my favorite neighborhood, Pacific Beach. When I lived in San Diego, PB was my favorite place to go out and I also played flag football with some guys there for a couple years so it has a special place in my heart.

We had a nice air bnb a few blocks from the beach and Mission bay. It was a perfect location to start some morning runs and just a nice neighborhood to walk around with the camera.

I was getting coffee every morning from COffee Cycle Roasting. It caught my eye because of all the bike stuff. I was envious of all the cyclists out there that get to ride in beautiful weather basically year round. The cappuccino's were fire there too.

As far as food goes we had a little bit of everything. Tacos, pasta, steak. Pretty typical for us, all of it was pretty good. I also made it out to the best brewery in the country - Stone. I love that place. To think I used to live only a few miles from it.

Linked up with one of my best friends in Temecula and hit some wineries out there. There's some good wine and views in the Temecula Valley. I popped up on my homie Bruce as well.

Didn't have enough time to see everyone and everything but if life goes the way I'd like it to, then I'll be back permanently some day.